Technology moves pretty fast. If you don’t blink, you won’t miss it.

unblinking I/O is a software development organization providing source code that is free and open. Projects are maintained by jmg1138.

Check out these projects

πŸ—ƒ Recipe.Report

Recipe.Report generates useful reports based on recipes and receipts.

πŸ—Ž TrappyKeepy

TrappyKeepy is a document storage REST API.

Features include users, groups, document storage, and document access control. Users may be created and may sign in using their credentials to receive a session token. Groups may be created, and users may be given memberships to groups. Downloading documents requires permission per-document, and document access permits may be issued directly to users, or to groups.

Written using .NET6 with the .NET CLI, C# 10, and PostgreSQL.

🟒 Template API

Template API is a template/boilerplate for starting a REST API.

Written using Node.js/Express.js/Inversify.js/TypeScript, following the Domain-Driven Design approach. Data is persisted using PostgreSQL, without an ORM.

πŸ““ tmpNote

tmpNote is another text editor.

Edit some temporary notes (plain text), or Python source code (syntax highlighting). A simple text editor with undo/redo, cut/copy/paste/delete, select all, word wrap, line numbers, folding symbols, and Python syntax highlighting.

Written in Python. tmpNote is a combination of wxPython, AGW Flatnotebook ( another link ), and StyledTextCtrl.

πŸ€– unblinkingBot

unblinkingBot is a chat-bot (Slack bot) surveillance-system assistant.

πŸ’¬ Forgettable

Forgettable is an ephemeral chatroom.

The goals of this chatroom project are to remain simple and temporary. Enter a nickname and begin chatting instantly. No password required, no sign-up process, no database, and no centrally saved chat history (making the chat history ephemeral and forgettable). You can try it right now (hosted by Heroku).

⏱ trackerTimer

trackerTimer provides network analysis of website tracking elements, with an API server and a web app.

🐈 Lila of the Day

Lila of the Day is an app for Android that reminds you to value creative play, the outcome of which is all reality.

πŸ“± fragmentBoss

fragmentBoss is an Android library module to increase Fragment versatility.